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Committed to supporting your well being and life/work balance

Thousands of research papers support the following benefits of mindfulness

♦ Stress Reduction    ♦ Improved attention, concentration and memory
♦ Effective leadership    ♦ More productive workforce
♦ A decrease in sick leave    ♦ A greater ability to manage pain
♦ Improved judgment and emotional regulation

For Educators

Stress management for teachers, support staff and parents; Professional Development Workshops; Social emotional learning programs.

For Organizations

Stress management programs; Wellness workshops; Health and safety workshops; Ethics in the workplace program; Conference keynotes.

For Individuals

Mindfulness-based personal coaching for: Stress management; High performance training for sports and the arts: Overcoming adversity; Social emotional learning; Leadership.

Arunas Antanaitis

Arunas Antanaitis,  BA, BEd, OCT
Wellness Facilitator & Mindfulness Specialist

Sharon Babineau

Sharon Babineau, CD
Keynote Speaker/
Author/Wellness Facilitator & Mindfulness Specialist

Being mindful is now the new yardstick by which pioneering organizations and their leaders are being judged. Today’s leaders not only have to be emotionally intelligent, but also mindful.

Daniel Goleman

Author of "Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence"


Mindful Solutions for Change is currently delivering mindfulness-based stress management and social emotional intelligence programs to major corporations, government agencies, hospitals and school boards across Southern Ontario.

We offer the following services:

Health and Safety Seminars

Wellness Workshops

Informative Lunch and Learn Presentations

Mindful Leadership Training

Conference Keynotes

Personal Coaching 

Additional Workshops on: Embracing Change – Overcoming Adversity-Caring for Caregivers – Dealing with Burnout 

We will customize our services to your needs.

“Sharon recently delivered a talk and workshop at our organization. The feedback I received from staff was nothing but positive.  Sharon delivers a compelling message in a personal and engaging manner. I highly recommend looking at the benefits of incorporating meditation into work place health and wellness programs. I know that I’m definitely a convert.”


Senior Health Advisor, Ontario Power Generation

Mindful Solutions for Change will help you…

♦ Develop healthier home and work environments

♦ Develop resilience to cope with difficult situations in life

♦ Decrease self limiting thoughts that create obstacles to optimal living

♦ Cultivate emotional intelligence

♦ Develop a greater ability for compassion for self and others

♦ Improve judgment and decision making

♦ Become a mindful leader

♦ Understand the underlying intentions for your actions

♦ Bring about meaningful change and transformation in your life

♦ Improve overall health and well being

The ability to see what’s going on in your head at any given moment without reacting to it blindly… often called Mindfulness… is a superpower.

Dan Harris

Correspondent, ABC News

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